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Attorneys & Professionals: If you have a background in environmental law or a related field of study, we would love to hear from you. We are always looking for guest speakers who can provide students with an opportunity to learn. Additionally, we welcome you to submit scholarly articles and pieces of interest to our Academic Journal and Blog.

University of Tennessee Law Students: If you have not joined ELO yet, please consider becoming a member. We provide students with leadership opportunities, interactive educational experiences, and inclusive social events that are designed to connect you with other students that want to bring about positive change.

Students from other Law Schools: If you are currently enrolled in law school, we would love to collaborate with you or your organization in the future. Many law schools still do not have environmental law organization of their own. Accordingly, all of the events and conferences that we sponsor are open to law students from across the country. If you are interested in attending our conference or streaming the event, please get in touch with us. If you would like to request housing or lodging for any of our events, please contact us.

Undergraduate Students and High School Students: Students are encouraged to come participate in our local events. If you are interested in pursuing a career in environmental law, we would be happy to set you up with a student mentor who can answer questions and offer advice.

Disclaimer: The Tennessee Environmental Law web-page was created by Law Students from the University of Tennessee School of Law. However, we are not directly affiliated with the University of Tennesse or any particular non-profit organization. The blog posts, academic articles, and photos that are contained on this page are independent works of journalism. All of the stock images used on this webpage were obtained from, an open source and free-use digital media page. If you are an artist in a publishing dispute with unsplash, please contact us directly with image removal requests.

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